Why do kids like bandaids so much? Last night aft…

Why do kids like bandaids so much?

Last night after a period of stillness in my usually busy home I found my 3 y.o. Emily sitting on the floor in front of our linen closet. The linen closet is also home to our first aid kit, medicine kit and a plethora of items that didn’t fit anywhere else. FYI safety moms–all dangerous items are well above my children’s theoretical reach.

As i approach the wee one i hear her breathing a little heavy and she is intently focused on something in her hands. She has a Hello Kitty bandaid mangled by her attempts to open the child/adult proof wrapper. Why are bandaids so much more difficult to open now compared to when we were kids? Remember the cool little red string that you used to tear the side of the package? The red string is no more and one must be rather dextrous to open the little wrapper now.

Emily’s explanation for the need of the band aid was demonstrated as she showed off the slight scuff on her elbow that needed immediate care and the Hello Kitty band aid was the cure. I helped her open the package and she deftly applied the bandage to her ouchy.

We must go through bandaids faster than we go through gallons of milk. Not only do the girls use them, but the cat and Bitty Baby have been known to sport a bandaid as well. The bandage is excellent for a scratch or cut, especially if it is bleeding, we all know that. But bandaids can cure bruises, headaches and hurt feelings, too. I have often wondered if a sticker would serve the same purpose, but when actually applying this theory I was shot down by my hurt little patient. No a sticker won’t do, only a bandage emblazoned with Dora, Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty or in an emergency Mom’s hand drawn smiley face.

So, as i expected, this morning Emily announced the ouchy was better. Thanks to Hello Kitty and the inventor of the Band Aid bandage.


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