Okay, so if you want a good laugh and need some e…

Okay, so if you want a good laugh and need some entertainment, watch this blog. I am teaching myself how to use this communication tool and I think the learning curve is going to be pretty steep. Most of the FAQ topics i don’t even understand what they are and I just figured out what a template is. HTML, URL, links, edits…whatever! I will persevere and in one year i hope to have enough information that this tool will be more useful and less energy consuming for me.

I have been checking out the community and its pretty interesting to see what people will post to go out into cyberspace. There is a lot about blog etiquette, how to write something interesting, yada yada yada. A couple sites suggested using the “f” word a lot…to get some reaction. I don’t think my English Comp teacher at Colorado State would agree and it is possible she could miraculously run across this site…don’t think i will do that one. The best advice i have read so far suggests not to post anything you would not want your mother to read or to be on the front page of the NY Times. That’s a good, simple common sense rule. I like it.

This morning my mind was racing with all kinds of topics to write about so I put them in my notebook and I will start with those ideas. I am excited, energized and randomly focused so this tool will be a great creative outlet for me…I hope in the process others will be slightly amused and entertained, hopefully not annoyed.


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  1. Shash

    I came across your site through hitting ‘Random’ on the new Christian Blogging thing I just put on my site. Nice to meet you.

    I still feel like I’m new to the blogworld as I have just learned how to add links to my sidebar, which I loose everytime I decide to redecorate. I figure all this blogging and formatting HTML stuff will come in handy one day!

    My rule-of-thumb when it comes to what I’ll write about, if I can’t share it from the pulpit or with the women at Ladies group then nah, it’s not worth talking about. Plus… my dad reads my blog and how embarassing with that be to have him read something with TMI (too much information) in it!!

    Best of luck with the blogging, I hope you enjoy it.

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