We have a change in the tide coming to our little corner of the world. I mean, not right away, but gradually little changes have been happening that add up to a big change. We are beginning a new adventure, as a family, as a couple and me personally.


School begins in just a few weeks. I have been gathering school supplies with each trip to Wal-Mart and picking over the sidewalk sales for bargains for my girls. And signing up for classes at the University.

Yes, the perpetual student is back at it. Last summer and fall I was working on a masters degree in Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), but after the hullabaloo at Christmas, I was spent…and so was my family. And I actually didn’t really even like the program or the potential for employment as an NP in a doctor’s office.

Now, I could get all spiritual and put a “God spin” on this new adventure, and of course God has His hands all over this, the details are pretty amazing and inspiring, but I will try to just put it out there, how this whole big change evolved.

See, a seed that was planted by a patient I had in labor in Manhattan (KS) in the fall of 2005. In conversation, I had shared with her and her husband that my family and I were moving to Lincoln, Nebraska in a couple of months (January 2006) and I had been thinking about pursuing an advanced degree…but I wasn’t sure in what. The couple had both recently graduated from UNMC College of Dentistry – she was a general dentist and he had completed residency in orthodontics in Boston and they were just opening a new practice in Manhattan. They suggested I consider dental school. I considered it. For 30 seconds. I asked how long does dental school take…they said four years…I said I don’t have that much time…but thanks for the idea.

Not to bore you with all the details…and there are many, but after much consideration, prayer, a visit with the UNMC dental school admissions counselor and the UNL pre-health professions counselor (a former patient), my own dentist (who is of a certain age, like me) and of course my family, the decision was made. I will begin taking classes this fall to prepare for dental school admission in 2010. It is back to freshman biology and chemistry for me!

Eric and the girls have been very supportive as I have been taking an online Algebra course this summer to dust off the math cobwebs. The girls are very excited that mommy is going to be a dentist (Lord willing!)

What I do know is as this big change has unfolded over the last few months, we have asked God to make it very clear what path He desires us (this is so an us kind of thing) to take and to make it very obvious if dentistry is not what He wants for us….so far door after door after door has opened. There have been so many confirmations that we are doing what He desires it gives me goose bumps. I think more than any other time in our married life our spiritual ears on high so we are joining God in what He is already doing rather than striking out on our own and asking Him to support our decision.

For now, probably the biggest blessing in all of this is that I still love my job as a labor and delivery nurse. I am not bailing on nursing because I don’t like or value what I do or that I am burnt out…I just know it is time to move on.



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2 responses to “Chchchchchanges….

  1. beingfrugal

    I’m praying the best for you as you start this new chapter in your life! How exciting! I’ll definitely be back to see how things are going!

    We always pray that God would slam the doors to things that wouldn’t be good for our family. 🙂

  2. Ann

    Oh, yeah. And the door has been s.l.a.m.m.e.d. Thank you, God, because you know me so well and you know I am the SpEd Jesus Follower…I am glad you communicate so clearly 🙂

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