Not to do list 2009…

2008 is but a memory…and the new year beckons.  I love January.  To me it is 31 days of possibility….to remake, renew, repurpose.  Each new year offers a moment of beginning, a place to start fresh…many of us start the new year with a clean slate and a TO DO

Traditionalist that I am, I scratched out a simple TO DO 2009
list…but what about the alternative? What about a
list? I think there’s some real potential in a {NOT TO DO}

Here’s what I’ve decided I’m not going to do in 2009:

{NOT TO DO 2009}

1. I am not going to use my credit card for stuff I think I want (but don’t really need.)

2. I am not going to forget to return dvds to Blockbuster.

3. I am not going to make a promise I cannot keep.

4. I am not going to miss out on fun activities with my girls because there are dishes or laundry to do.

5. I am not going to say ‘yes’ when I really mean ‘no, thanks.’

Oh, and my TO DO 2009 list…

TO DO 2009

1. Save more than we spend…way more. (like that’s a shocker)

2. Choose joy. (because the alternative is yucky)

3. Be inspired. (I’m a labor and delivery nurse…this is an easy one)

4. Believe God. (…why I struggle with this I’ll never know this side of heaven_)

5. Give generously. (of my time, talents and treasures…but not my chocolate)

Kind of a broad, rather vague list, I know…the details will come over the remaining days in January.  I do have a few very specific projects I’d like to complete, but it’s so much more interesting beginning with a wide, big picture view of the coming year.



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4 responses to “Not to do list 2009…

  1. thejellies

    Hi Ann,
    This is Grape from the jellies. I love your goals. I think they definitely reflect your values. Your blog is beautiful!

  2. thejellies

    I found the post! It’s a good reminder that sometimes we can just “stop”. What a great concept–We don’t have to add a lot to our list. Sometimes goals can be cutting things out! Marmalade

  3. Ann

    @marmalade & grape…thank you so much for your encouraging comments! writing and taking photos are such a creative ‘release’ for me…i am glad you have enjoyed my blog ;0)

  4. thejellies

    Ann ,
    This is Apricot and commenting to you is one of my assignments from grape and marmalade because we sound alike. I loved your not to do list. I make to do lists all the time but there are bad habit I want to break. What a great idea!


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