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Not to do list 2009…

2008 is but a memory…and the new year beckons.  I love January.  To me it is 31 days of possibility….to remake, renew, repurpose.  Each new year offers a moment of beginning, a place to start fresh…many of us start the new year with a clean slate and a TO DO

Traditionalist that I am, I scratched out a simple TO DO 2009
list…but what about the alternative? What about a
list? I think there’s some real potential in a {NOT TO DO}

Here’s what I’ve decided I’m not going to do in 2009:

{NOT TO DO 2009}

1. I am not going to use my credit card for stuff I think I want (but don’t really need.)

2. I am not going to forget to return dvds to Blockbuster.

3. I am not going to make a promise I cannot keep.

4. I am not going to miss out on fun activities with my girls because there are dishes or laundry to do.

5. I am not going to say ‘yes’ when I really mean ‘no, thanks.’

Oh, and my TO DO 2009 list…

TO DO 2009

1. Save more than we spend…way more. (like that’s a shocker)

2. Choose joy. (because the alternative is yucky)

3. Be inspired. (I’m a labor and delivery nurse…this is an easy one)

4. Believe God. (…why I struggle with this I’ll never know this side of heaven_)

5. Give generously. (of my time, talents and treasures…but not my chocolate)

Kind of a broad, rather vague list, I know…the details will come over the remaining days in January.  I do have a few very specific projects I’d like to complete, but it’s so much more interesting beginning with a wide, big picture view of the coming year.



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WFMW: Ubiquitous Capture…

u·biq·ui·tous (yōō-bĭk’wĭ-təs) adj. Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.

cap·ture (kāp’chər) v. To enter (data) into a computer for processing or storage.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like be ADD, think about it this way…your brain processes like a Pentium but has 2 MBs of RAM. I don’t really know what that means in computer speak, but in my reality it means I am constantly thinking and processing information, but am unable to capture and remember most of what I have been processing and thinking about.

This is what is going on in my brain over a period of say…30 seconds: I need to remember to drop off the library books…where’s my library card?…Since Hobby Lobby is near the library I can pick up a Valentine’s craft for the girls…but I get so distracted in there, I’ll have to set the timer on my watch…what time is the Brownie meeting tonight?….I should wash the sheets from Lily and Emily’s beds today…I’m out of detergent…I’ll remember to pick some up at big box discount store…On my way to big box discount store I’ll put gas in the van…but the checkbook needs balanced first…I can do that tomorrow after the meeting at work…what time is that happening?…When does my RN license renew…do I have enough continuing education hours?…does graduate coursework count?……AND this stream of thoughts goes on and on all day.

How does a mostly stay at home mom of three girls who are involved in school and various activities and whose dear husband travels frequently keep her act somewhat together when her mind is racing like this? I have an especially useful tool for
ubiquitous capture
of pesky thoughts, imaginings, wonderings and reminders: a small notebook.

I keep my notebook with me at all times and capture my ideas, thoughts and thinks in one place to be processed further or deleted. Result: mind like water. My mind is cleared of thoughts, ideas and junk so I can think about what is important now. I don’t have to tell my children to “be quiet so Mommy can think” anymore…I say “Let Mom write this thought down real quick, then I can give you my full attention.”

For more on ubiquitous capture and Zen to Done, see Leo’s blog Zen Habits.

Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer sponsors WFMW where you can find more ideas that work!


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Simplify and Organize…

I have been on this mission from the Lord…literally…to gain some sense of order and simplicity in our home. I have spent the last several weeks decluttering, cleaning, sorting, organizing and thinking about the systems I have in place to help my family and me to function well. I have learned so much…I am so thankful somebody out there invented flickr! For those of us that are visual learners, flickr is a blessing! My favorite groups are Work Spaces, Craft Rooms, Pretty Organized and Corners of My Home.

This whole organize my home/life/family journey began last fall when I began to seek out my calling as a wife, mother and keeper of the home. I have so much to tell about what I’ve learned…but for now I’ll just post this and scooch my tired body to bed. Tomorrow I go to work…and on a labor and delivery unit on a Friday it promises to be a busy day…I’ll need my rest!

The picture above of my journal, planner and notebook. I would like to throw some link love to Leo at Zen Habits. My favorite post, Zen to Done is probably one of the most influential productivity/organization resources I have come across. Basically, Leo has synthesized David Allen’s process of Getting Things Done + Flylady’s concept of routines + Stephen Covey’s values based priorities into his e-book ZTD (Zen to Done.) The system is perfect for me…fits all the aspects of my life and is implementable. On a personal note…I have ADD, Type 1 and being organized, focused and productive focused is practically impossible very challenging for me…ZTD allows for my personality quirks and gives me freedom to be the creative, spontaneously sidetracked person I was created to be…and still get the laundry done and pick my kids up from school on time!

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